– False Narratives

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One of the ways the enemy of our souls comes against the saints, is through false narratives. This is when a pre-planned agenda is used to provoke people into reacting to something so that their reactions can be used to advance other plans already made. What they believe to be the main issue is not the real issue at all; rather it’s a deceptive diversion used to control them through their own reactions. It takes time to realize this, as the solutions being presented do not solve anything but only serve to make matters worse.

A good example is the way a fraudulent court case takes place. In one instance an elderly widow was exploited not long after a funeral, when she should have been protected by those who claimed to care for her. She was advised to re-write a will as soon as possible to the point where those who stood to benefit became aggressive about it. Under a state of duress she agreed, only to later learn that she had been deceived into signing away the deed to her home. What she had thought was only a will, was the deed to a house that she had purchased herself with her own earnings much earlier in life.

When she sought legal help to correct this problem the legal counsel chose to introduce a false narrative. Instead of filing the lawsuit against the person who allegedly set her up and deceived her, it was filed against the one whose name was now on the deed to her home. The new owner of the deed had not been the one to defraud her so he could rightfully claim he was innocent of that. It set up a huge legal battle in which the issues raised only served to deflect from the fact that the real (alleged) perpetrator was not held accountable at all. Because the false narrative was raised to deflect from the real problem, it meant truth was suppressed and justice was not carried out. The legal counsel that was supposed to represent her actually defrauded her by charging exhorbitation legal fees while ensuring she couldn’t possible win her case.

Another false narrative had to do with proposals put forward at the G8 Summit in 2011 related to Israel’s boundaries. As of the Six Day War in 1967 those boundaries were set to protect Israel from being overcome by surrounding countries after it had been attacked previously and fought back successfully. Over time they proved to be absolutely necessary to defend Israel’s post-Six Day War borders. At that summit, when the subject of peace in the Middle East was raised, proposals were put forth assuming Israel would automatically agree to rescind those boundaries. A false narrative began, not to discuss IF it should happen, but HOW.

In fact, if those borders were erased Israel’s peace and safety would be undermined. It was a false narrative by pretending to be about promoting peace while facilitating war. Had the participants all agreed to begin talks on the basis of that wrong assumption, it would then be the start of establishing it as reality. Instead, out of all the people in attendance only one stood up and said he couldn’t agree to enter into talks under those conditions. Canada’s Prime Minister at the time took a lot of flak for refusing to go along with the false narrative. But because he did, to this day Israel’s post-Six-Day-War borders remain as they were before that summit because someone exposed and nipped the false narrative in the bud.

If people don’t bother to look into things for themselves, and find factual, peer-reviewed research to show them the truth, they’ll be easily manipulated into going along with fake narratives to the point of surrendering their rights and freedoms before they know what they’ve lost. Currently this is happening with issues surrounding the ‘global pandemic.’

The false narrative is exposed by the unwillingness of those who come up with solutions for everyone else, to apply those solutions to themselves as well. For example, they insist the general population must wear masks and stay six feet apart at all times, while images of those who are supposedly in charge, emerge showing them without masks, congregating however they want, and brazenly not caring who can see through this or not.

It becomes clear as evidence pours forth that this has been planned for at least the past twenty years BY the people who claim to care about our health. The so-called ‘smoking gun’ presented as irrefutable proof is a series of patent numbers filed over the past two decades by people who planned to profit financially from a staged pandemic. For example, U.S. Patent number 7220852 was filed in 2007 BY the CDC (Center for Disease Control), to claim ownership of the ‘virus’ we were led to be believe was discovered in 2019. They own not only the ‘virus’ but the means of detecting it, according to a lawsuit filed by German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich.

Other evidence to show this is not really about helping cure a deadly disease, is the sudden banning of a medication that has been widely used around the globe to treat various illnesses, including viruses. Ivermectin won a Nobel prize in 2015 for its versatility and effectiveness, along with being relatively inexpensive. As it’s now being used in other nations to treat the ‘virus’ successfully, they have chosen to drop vaccine mandates and passports because a better treatment has been found.

The Emergency Use measures used to coerce people into taking experimental injections even though they don’t yet qualify to be called valid vaccines, are only in effect if no other suitable alternative is found. That would be Ivermectin. But instead of quickly making it available to stop the ‘virus’, some national health organizations have banned it. This proves their goal is not to care about peoples’ health or end a pandemic. But further evidence shows a select few are making billions of dollars from pushing the experimental injections. This, while the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System), shows that hundreds of thousands of people are having extremely harmful reactions; everything ftom stroke to heart attack to death. When we witness the amount of censorship now taking place to try to block people from learning about such things, we can be sure we’re being fed a false narrative.

For Ivermectin to be widely used as a highly effective solution means the Emergency Measures are no longer valid. Take them away and what they are currently presenting as the solution – the vaccines – will go back to their previous status of being illegal because they have never been proven to be safe for human consumption. In fact they failed the animal trials and the growing understanding is now that anyone who takes them IS part of the test. And yet misinformation is constantly being promoted as if they have been proven to work, and are safe and effective, so that people must take them if they want to keep their jobs, join social clubs and more.

This propaganda now being aggressively imposed on the global population is a diversion from what’s really happening – the financial plundering of nations, and attempted reorganization of the global economy. The more people can be distracted with protocols related to stopping the spread, the more they give into agreeing that their livelihoods will be taken and their freedom ended. The whole time, the recovery rate for the virus is over 99% in people who are otherwise healthy; the same for a bad flu. There was never any need to take experimental injections.

And there was never a real pandemic as the world currently understands it. In 2009 the World Health Organization changed its definition of ‘pandemic’ so it no longer means a wide-spread illness that causes a large death toll. Now it simply means a wide-spread illness, even if nobody dies. That could apply to the common cold or the flu. But the word ‘pandemic’ continues to be used to aggressively promote the idea that the whole world is thrown into terror by a deadly disease that’s killing millions. It’s a false narrative designed to produce an expected reaction, so that reaction can be harnessed and used to the harm of the people.

Another kind of false narrative comes from the internet itself. Before the internet became a common household utility, people had a good idea of how to live their lives without it. There was really no need to do everything electronically with decreasing personal contact between friends and family. Social gatherings were an important way to share information, keep private things private, hug each other, eat together, and more. Institutions like banks and utilities ensured utmost privacy of a customer’s personal information. Communities thrived when people had to go out to do business with others in person. There was no real need for the internet.

That all changed when people agreed to have a direct line into their homes that enabled complete strangers to feed them information on a continuous basis. With no way to prove what’s true and what isn’t, a steady stream of misinformation is possible to completely change a person’s way of thinking. Things they didn’t even need to know about, to go through life successfully, now impose themselves as if we can’t live without them. If we do nothing but simply react to the latest information coming our way we’re easily led astray into situations we’d never choose for ourselves, if we decided to think critically and objectively instead.

In all these ways and many more, the underlying problem with false narratives is a person’s inability to step back and think objectively. There are many reasons why people insist on just going along with them, to avoid any pressure to stand up for themselves. At first it seems to be a way to keep the peace until more and more is required that costs us more than we are able to pay. The reality is there are people in the world who make a point of pushing agendas on the global population that are harmful to the majority and benefit a select few. At some point, it’s necessary to rise up and push back; if not just for ourselves, then for our loved ones who trust us to know what’s best for them.

It doesn’t usually start with a huge protest. It starts with the thinking that ‘I can live with that’ because a person doesn’t want to raise a fuss. Then there’s more that is imposed, to back us into a corner. We decide we can adapt to that as well. Eventually we find we need to choose a point where we say ‘this far and no further.’ Usually that’s where our own freedom to live in peace and prosperity is about to be taken away permanently, and we can see it coming. Then the false narratives need to be exposed and called out. We need to stop waiting for someone else to do something and simply reacting to the latest impositions, and pray for wisdom from God about what our personal roles should be. What is His will for us personally?

To seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness is to get out of reaction mode and into proactive thinking, followed by taking action however it looks. In the Kingdom of God His people receive His authority over all of heaven and earth to stand in the gap for those who call on His Name. We are meant to be the head and not the tail of the powers at work in this world. We are to be His Light in the darkness so that the darkness will flee instead of getting worse.

Pray for God to protect us from deliberate misinformation hat set us on paths in life we’d never choose for ourselves, if we had discernment to recognize and avoid them. Pray for God to keep us proactive in His love, and to speak the truth in His love, so many others can find life to the full in His Kingdom rather than losing everything because of the lawless ones among us.

Learn the Word of God about having the divine power to demolish strongholds of the enemy and take it all captive to be obedient to Christ (1 Corinthians 8). Heed the words of Christ who said “On this rock I will build My Church and the gates of hades will not overcome it. And I give you the keys to the Kingdom; whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven, whatever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven” (Mt.16:17-18).

So we bind ALL false narratives coming against the Spirit-led body of Christ AND Israel, so His Kingdom manifests fully on earth as He is in heaven. We loose the power of God to expose the lawlessness and destroy it all with the splendour of His coming (2 Thess.2:9-12). We pray for daily wisdom and revelation that sustains us in the face of extreme trials to compromise the truth, so that in the end we remain victorious with Him and His Name is exalted among the nations. Amen.