– Law and Order

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Much of the world is experiencing an increase in lawless, godless behaviour; both in certain leaders and many citizens who support them. Information is now coming out that some intend to dismantle sovereign states as we currently know them to create one global government which seeks to promote the common good on a universal basis. The problem is it apparently requires a great deal of deception and fraud to accomplish this, as the current systems of government are being hijacked for another agenda without informing the people about what’s really happening. So how can anyone trust that the final product will something that genuinely promotes goodwill for all, instead of just more deception and fraud?

The Holy Bible is the foundation for free Judeo-Christian societies for good reason. We have thousands of years’ worth of experience to show us how it enables freedom for individuals in a way that preserves law and order whether they choose to follow the faith or not.It includes heeding the timeless precepts of God such as the Ten Commandments which tell us not to steal, not to kill or slander others, to honour God above all else and honour our parents as well.

Most importantly, it shows why the love of God is of utmost importance to sustain freedom and good government that lasts for eternity, and how to find this out on a personal level in a two-way relationship with the Living God. From this experience we join with others who think the same way to sustain communities, even whole nations, on Biblical precepts.

The laws of God were designed to promote the idea of loving our neighbours as ourselves, not just as we think best, but in the context of heeding what is called the greatest commandment of all. Jesus quoted Moses when He said “Hear O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is one; you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your strength” (Deuteronomy 6:4; Mark 12:28-30). Then He said the second most important commandment is “Love your neighbour as yourself.” The first defines the second so the second can be carried out in a way that works most effectively.

Further, the scriptures explain that the way to love God first and foremost is to heed His precepts. As 1 John 5:3-4 says “This is love for God: to heed His commands. And His commandments are not burdensome for everyone born of God overcomes the world.” When we face challenges in this world that seem to be insurmountable the solution is always to learn more about God’s commands in the Bible and put them into practice. What may seem impossible for us to do in our own strength, God does through us anyway by the power of His Holy Spirit, if we heed His teaching in John 3 to be born again in the Spirit.

To get the two most important commandments in the right priority on a personal basis is to find within our own lives the potential to establish law and order all around us, God’s way. They provide the bedrock of the Kingdom of God established on earth as He is in heaven. Whole nations have been raised up as a result, to spread abroad the ideals of peace, freedom and prosperity at the hand of Almighty God. There’s a good reason their courts of law use the Bible as the set standard of truth, and scriptures are engraved on government buildings. They remind us where to look for stability and strength during the daunting times in which we live.

The second most important commandment, in proper context, is defined by the first. To ignore the first and try to practice the second only is to get an entirely different result. Then there is no clear definition of good and evil. There’s no reference point to decide whether real justice is served or the driving motivation for choices made is nothing but revenge with no positive outcome in sight. This creates situations where the good we desire to accomplish can’t be sustained because any other influence can come along to insist on equal treatment even if it means we undermine what’s just been achieved. A set standard of morality and truth is necessary to truly serve justice in a way that works.

‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ is often taken out of context to justify lawlessness, but putting first things first from the perspective of God’s Kingdom is the key to restoring law and order. Jesus never said ‘Seek first His Kingdom and social justice’ but He said “Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). It doesn’t mean that social justice doesn’t matter because it’s critically important to peaceful free societies. It just means the best way to achieve it is to measure our efforts against a set standard of righteousness from God, and draw from His wisdom and revelation about how to be most effective.

Otherwise social justice issues can’t be fully resolved as justice for one often turns out to be injustice for another. Law and order give way to frustration and eventually lawlessness. Lawlessness leads to anarchy, chaos and the disintegration of peaceful, freedom-loving societies. How can those who promote such things and still act as if they have a better plan, really be trusted to care about the lives that are currently being destroyed in the meantime?

There’s a good reason the nations of the world are separated by boundaries. They provide safe spaces for different groups of people to practice their beliefs, whatever they may be. This came about as wars were fought over conflicting ideals, lives were lost, peace was seen as a better alternative and boundaries were put in place for the common good.

Some of the nations were established on Judeo-Christian precepts recognizing the Living God of the Holy Bible as their source of power and wisdom. As long as the majority of citizens agreed on this, then loving their neighbours as themselves meant defining what is moral or immoral, right and wrong, according to the teachings of the Bible. Heed those precepts and enjoy the many blessings of freedom, peace and prosperity at the hand of God. Don’t heed them and learn from the results of our choices. Either way, as long as at least some of the citizenry puts scriptural principles into practice it can preserve freedom for everyone to experience personal growth however they choose to do it.

Then ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ means loving them enough to share your food and provisions if necessary, but also share what you know about why their freedom, peace and prosperity is directly linked to the Judeo-Christian faith so their children can prosper as well. They may choose to follow the faith or not, but either way their God-given freedom depends on Judeo-Christian precepts being upheld in a nation on a governmental level.

The true Judeo-Christian faith as defined by the Bible, is a source of law and order all by itself when we may find ourselves surrounded by lawlessness and chaos. One defining difference between law and order from the Kingdom of God and that in our nations, is the difference between serving God or serving money. The influence of money in the realm of politics and religion means there are all kinds of potential for duplicity and dishonesty. By contrast the law and order that arises from the Kingdom of God has to do with His love being magnified at the cross of Jesus Christ. There’s a good reason why many who made the supreme sacrifice to defend western freedom, now lay beneath the crosses, row on row.

The sinful human nature often gives way to compromised values where there is money to be made. Bribes and blackmail are said to be a large part of the political realms today. Religious organizations are not immune either. It takes great faith to stay on the straight and narrow path by insisting on walking in the truth to stand for the Kingdom of God by choosing to walk the way of the cross instead. But take that journey anyway and learn by experience how the ultimate law and order manifests in ways we wouldn’t know existed, otherwise.

The essence of God’s Kingdom then comes through to change hearts and minds of even the most hate-filled lawless people, so they repent of previous behaviours and choose what is right and good instead. It doesn’t usually happen like that if the highest concern is what happens with money, or if we look out for ourselves only at the cost of the well-being of others. There’s still a need for boundaries to protect and nurture the younger generations, and to ensure the Biblical foundations of our lives remain intact. In much the same way that a lighthouse is meant to remain in a fixed position, our Spirit-led lives are raised up to shine the light of Christ into a hurting dying world. This happens be maintaining the integrity of our own lives and homes which requires boundaries.

As Christ said about Himself, “In His Name the nations will put their hope” (Matthew 12:21). The original King James version says “And in His Name shall the Gentiles trust.” The cross of Jesus Christ is the place where the laws of God were fulfilled in a way that enables all who believe in Him, to not be swept away in a torrent of lawlessness and chaos now coming against our nations. When we learn to take up the cross and walk as He did, for the same reasons, His love gets magnified as the ultimate solution to the world’s problems, and to serve as the solid rock on which the Judeo-Christian world is firmly established (1 John 2:6). It’s the key to restoring not only law and order, but peace that lasts for eternity.

The courts of this world are meant to establish law and order in civilized societies. There are specific procedures to go through to create laws and enforce them. Law breakers are held accountable and evil-doers are punished so the rest can live in peace and safety. Some are open to being bribed so justice can be over-ruled and law-breakers go free. Some wait for months, even years, to have their day in court. It all takes a lot of time and money as people expect to be paid for their services.

In the Kingdom of God justice looks quite different at times. The concepts of repentance and forgiveness play a huge role in the final outcome. People who were once committed to doing evil may be compelled to repent if they receive mercy and grace from God, which turns things around so that a court date may not even be necessary. They take it upon themselves to right the wrongs done because of having a genuine encounter with God on a personal level. Then they demonstrate this transforming change in their lives with changed behaviour.

There’s no limit to what God can do with repentance and forgiveness to preserve law and order in our nations. While we may be focused primarily on issues of current interest, God sees the big picture including who’s destined to live for eternity without Him, and who prefers to harbour self-righteous bitterness over wrongs done, with a desire for revenge. Sometimes one of the biggest contributors to the breakdown of law and order in civilized societies is not the initial acts of lawlessness but the self-righteous hatred and unforgiveness that flows from the lives of those who consider themselves to be ‘in the right.’

There’s a huge difference between righteousness that comes from God and self-righteousness that looks out for the self first. Both the lawlessness and the self-righteousness work against each other to risk causing total destruction of peace-loving free communities, while the Kingdom of God is brought to bear when believers heed scriptural commands to love their enemies, pray for them, do good for them and so on (Matthew 5:43-48).

The way of the cross involves a willingness to become like a spiritual shock-absorber for the wrongs done on both sides, and to turn 180 degrees and say along with Jesus “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). To aim higher than seeking justice on a personal level only, for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, is to be used of God to sustain law and order that comes from Himself when the administrations of this world fall short.

It’s to become a vessel of His mercy for all concerned while at the same time, giving priority to the well-being of the innocents among us. He said “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea” (Mark 9:42). The well-being of children is at the heart of God’s plan to redeem the nations in His Kingdom. It teaches us to have priorities in place in a way that shares His heart for them, and His desire for them to be raised up in the knowledge of His love, grace and peace.

To set things right requires us to get back to putting first things first, on a personal basis in the beginning then in our community and eventually the whole nations. Jesus said “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else will be added” (Matthew 6:33). The Kingdom of God is a form of government established by the Creator. It’s reflected in all that He created in our natural surroundings.

For example, Genesis 1:16 says of the sun and the moon “He created the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night.” This, along with the orbit of the earth around the sun, created the calendar years in which the sun ‘rises and sets’ 365 times during one full orbit of the earth around it. The months are tied to the movement of the moon around the earth as both move around the sun. From all this comes our system of time-keeping.

Then the Lord established His government on earth through one nation in particular – Israel – as recorded in the scriptures. He called for set times and seasons related to the seasons that Israel experienced on the earth. They had to do with sowing and reaping the different kinds of crops that God created for humanity to enjoy. He called for them to set aside times to stop all regular work and come before Him to acknowledge Him as their Lord and their provider. And He gave them laws to live by, to establish codes of moral conduct that would sustain the whole nation if they agreed. All of this provides the basis for the Kingdom of God to manifest on earth as He is in heaven.

Meanwhile those who genuinely seek to live in peace and good-will towards others can become prey in the hands of predators who plan to divide and conquer. They can be recognized by an unwillingness to acknowledge work already done to facilitate true social justice and build on that. Instead they want to start something new that rejects progress made to the present time, and pretends things are worse than they really are. In effect they suggest things are really bad, then set out to make them even worse by pretending to have solutions. By seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness we are able to discern who genuinely seeks to minister social justice and who’s really behaving as a predator to the harm of his or her supporters.

The predators can be recognized by their determination to cause as much disruption as possible in people’s lives. They don’t have anything positive to offer that actually comes to pass, but they talk about social justice while doing little else but causing destruction for everyone. They undermine elections, they intrude on social groups that stand for things they want removed, they watch with way the crowd is going and then jump in front to call themselves the leaders. In truth they are incapable of doing anything but undermining law and order, and putting lives of many people in danger. They function on fear-mongering and trying to control the masses. This, while law and order that lasts for eternity comes with the love of God expressed at the cross.

Thousands of years’ worth of experience have shown humanity what happens when a select few are permitted to rule over everybody else. There has never been a socialist experiment that ever worked without turning into a dictatorship that led to much bloodshed and tyranny. The difference between that which is planned by so-called globalists today and the real Kingdom of God is the difference between night and day. As the darkness increases the love and the light of Christ shows us that those who try to lead by being lawless, self-seeking, duplicitous, fear-mongers are not leading everyone else to a good place. A much better alternative is learn more about law and order in a way that preserves love and personal freedom.

As the nations now enter what the Bible describes as the great tribulation we should expect to see how everything that can be shaken is removed, so what cannot be shaken remains for eternity (Matthew 24; Hebrews 12). We can be sure of one thing: that which is being promoted through fear-mongering and attempts to control the masses, is not of God. The real life of the Kingdom comes to flush out all fear as a heavenly form of government takes over to displace the darkness with the Light of Jesus Christ and the sheer majesty of His love. Amen.