– Christ-Centered Survival Skills

– Survival (Christ-centered)


So why prepare? To be part of the solution; not part of the problem.

A German born believer was a small child in WWII Germany. The prophetic word was flowing that hard times were coming and God was telling His people to get ready. The long and the short of it was his father received the prophetic word and prepared by buying some bags of beans. The rest of his extended family, all believers, did nothing and they all died of starvation. Part of God’s provision to them was the warning to prepare.

Some people will say that we are preparing out of fear. Our motivation must not be to survive, but to place ourselves in a position to be a willing, useful tool in the hand of our Lord. God is ready to bring down the walls of the nation and the personal walls that are not of Him within each of us. If you are fearful seek the One that casts out all fear. Preparing is NOT about fear; it is the WISE response to approaching danger, it is obedience.

Two hundred years ago here in this country (USA) and many people even today world wide today live a life of faith. Faith that when they plant the seed that it will mature and then later feed them. If it doesn’t they will starve. Put action to your faith. Faith without works is dead.

Two-thirds of the world cooks outside over something burning and much of the world has never talked on a phone. Many people live without shoes, and there are some people in the world that have never even seen shoes. We in the First World live a very spoiled life.

The reason most of the remnant that have heard the above word of coming judgment and are not physically preparing is two fold.

1. We really don’t believe God is going to shake us. And if they do something physical they mentally have to then deal with it. Remember what the serpent said to Eve in the garden; “Hath God said?”

2. We are lazy! Preparing takes time and money. I will guarantee you that after “it” happens you will have wished that you had prepared. Right now supplies are cheap and abundant.

This is a very serious matter. I urge you, I beg you, in the name of our wonderful Lord Jesus to consider this matter seriously. Even a small effort can provide big benefits.

Quite frankly I don’t think most people really care. Time is short, very short. If you are going to do something, do it now, not tomorrow, now!

Getting Started

First of all do what God tells you to do, in spite of what I might say here. And above all seek Him; if that’s all you can do; then do it. Do not let physical preparations sidetrack you from Him. That said, don’t be as a Christian friend of mine who say’s he doesn’t have the money to prepare but recently bought a big screen TV.

There is much good information out there concerning preparations, so there is no sense in duplicating the good here. However, there is much poor and misleading information. It is my prayer to try to give you a different perspective and some additional information that is not readily available. Remember that most people giving information are trying to sell you something. It is my burden to give you some recommendations that will allow you to properly filter the value of information available.

The catch term used today in the military for a time of war, or famine or disaster; be it natural or manmade is to refer to it as a “High Stress Environment” or “HSE”. Big understatement!
In a knife fight statistically the person that gets cut first usually loses. That is because each of us never expects anything bad to happen to us. So with first blood, that person goes into shock and gives up. Getting through a HSE is like a knife fight; so the key is accepting that you are going to be cold or hot, hungry or thirsty and probably at least inconvenienced. Attitude is everything. Daniel Boone was lost for a several weeks; when asked about it he said “I wasn’t lost, I just didn’t know where I was for a few days.” Again attitude is everything.

I believe this is partly why God tells His people what He is doing; so that they can prepare and so that when it happens there is less shock and delay in their response to the needs of others.
Let us put everything in perspective: no matter how much you prepare, no matter how many supplies you put away; it will not be enough and essential things will be missing. If you had ten semi-truck loads of food it probably wouldn’t be enough to feed everyone. So, do what you can; and expect God to make up the difference. BUT, DO ALL YOU CAN! OR MORE CORRECTLY DO ALL GOD CALLS YOU TO DO!

We are coming into a time of extreme darkness for the world and extreme light for the remnant. We are coming into a time of supernatural provisions.

There are some basic questions to ask yourself and seek the guidance of the Lord on:

1. When it happens where might I be? (Home, work, traveling, etc.)

2. Will I go or will I stay? If I go, where will I go?

This is very important: The Last thing you want to become is a refugee!

I am not talking about moving to another country with all your possessions following. Nor am I talking about moving into the local High School for a couple of nights because your community’s threatened by a forest fire. I am talking about you heading out with a sea of unprepared people not knowing where they are going, with no water, no food and no hope; fleeing some larger then life disaster.

Understand that (in the United States, not sure about Canada) to enter a government shelter the law requires you to turn over all your food, water, weapons and animals. Current FEMA procedures in a national type disaster allow for the separation of women and children from the men; who will be put into labor work groups. This law allows for those of age 50 and older to be used in the dangerous clean-up of High Radiation or toxic areas.

Statistically teenage boys do the best as refugees. Small children, teenage girls and elderly do the worst.

So do I go or do I stay? The Lord may want you to minister to people in the very center of a war, or a famine, or a plague. But Proverbs says the wise man sees the trouble coming and hides himself.

Some things to consider; with no power most cities will have little reserve water or sewage capability. Experience has shown people will continue to use their toilets even when they have no water to flush them. Multiple level dwellings will soon have sewage backups on the lower floors. In other words, a very short time and many cities can become a massive health hazard.

A interesting side-note; some families successfully survived some of the worst fighting in Beirut, by dragging all the dead, rotting animals they could find and putting them around their buildings. The stink was so bad no one would approach their street. They successfully used a health hazard to their advantage.

If you choose to stay in an area with no power, make sure you have a provision to cover up your windows on the inside. On a dark night even a small sliver of light that shows outside of your dwelling when no one else has any light, be it from generator or kerosene; will draw someone to come and borrow it permanently. Stapled up heavy Roofing paper works well.

During a recent power outage in New York City; NBC made the statement that the city only had food reserves for a half day! The “just in time” method of supply literally sets the reserves of everything to zero.

Why do you need to know before hand if you are going or staying? You could wait and see what happens. The problem is if you need to go you may not have the time to collect your supplies or you may not have the means to transport them.

If the time comes to flee, you don’t want to have to take much. If you are on foot you only want a small pack with enough food and water to get you where you are going. If in a vehicle, you want the same pack, but it will likely be filled with clothing, extra food & personal things.

If you are going someplace else, you need to pre-position your supplies there. If you can’t put them where you are going; put them in another location close to your destination. For example say you live in San Francisco and you plan to go north to some friends on the Oregon Border. But these friends think you are weird anyway; so you pre-position your supplies about half way at some other friends. Your supplies would be outside the major population area, so hopefully you can pick them up as you move. You could pre-position the supplies at a storage place. But; in a time of national emergency; the law – [of the United States – an American wrote this, Canada’s laws are different- look into it – War Measures Act] – allows the Federal government to seize all storage places. This is along with all forms of transport such as: trucks, boats and ships and aircraft.

Most states have some kind of hoarding laws (not sure about Canada). They consider hoarding to be having food for more then a specific number of days. Various states range from 21 days to 3 months. The particulars are hard to nail down. In other countries when hoarding laws have been invoked, typically rewards are a portion of the confiscated goods given to those who turn in hoarders. In Cuba for example those turning in anyone with extra food received half the food back as a reward. This is a big stick if your neighbors and friends are starving.

Also in all your considerations, insure you have before hand prepared copies of all important documents, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses and degrees. If the Lord has in anyway quickened you, you may want to have a passport available.


If you are going somewhere, plan and rehearse the route. Note locations where you could obtain fuel, shelter and water. If you are meeting others along the way set up meeting areas where messages can be left. Keep a can of bright spray paint handy. Use it to spray paint predetermined coded messages in the street or on walls for any that may get separated when you leave and to mark cross points as you travel to your destination.

This is good place to bring up the Rule of Threes; always have three ways of going somewhere or doing something. For example; if you are going to go to a destination, have three ways of getting there. You could get there by Car, on Bike or on foot. On foot is always the last resort.

A point to consider here is the size of any group. Usually the bigger the better; remember it was the stragglers that were picked off when Israel was in the wilderness. But if it is a hostile situation sometimes one or two together can slip thru unnoticed.

Expect roadblocks both official and by locals. The local checkpoints can be there for a legitimate reason or simply to take supplies or worse from those going thru them. This is another reason to travel light. If you don’t have anything of value to steal, you are generally safer.

Organize your preparations and equipment into Levels of planning:

A. Those things that you daily have your person. Four things I always have on me are a small knife, butane lighter, a cotton handkerchief and a small LED flashlight. The basic survival tool is the blade and the lighter provides fire. The LED light will get you out of a darkened building (I like the Photon LED key ring light). And the handkerchief is a universal duty rag, a bandage and a makeshift breathing mask. If you are ambitious use your color printer to print an iron-on transfer map of your local area. You can even customize it with things like meeting places, phone numbers, notes, etc. A cheap money belt is also very useful. Include in it an extra set of keys, and of course money. I have an ounce of gold in 1/5 ounce denominations to put in the money belt for when things get rough.

B. What you should carry in your vehicle. Keep your vehicle full of fuel and serviced. Drive as they say on the top quarter of the tank, refueling when it drops to ¾ full. Keep traction devices in the car at all times; they work well in mud also. (You may want to prefabricate a modification to the car’s air intake system. Here in the Pacific NW we have firsthand experience with volcanic ash flow. The Washington State Police destroyed many of their cars driving in the falling ash. The ash is very fine and is sucked into auto’s breather and can destroy the motor within minutes. Simply run a large breathing hose from the breather and mount it thru the engine firewall, so that the air is sucked from inside the passenger compartment (which will act as a large pre-filter). Don’t run with it until you need it as it can backfire into your car or flush exhaust back into it. You can further improve it by stuffing the hose with oil soaked copper or steel wool (copper is better but more expensive, as steel wool is very flammable). When it gets clogged take out the wool and rinse it out and re-oil it. Don’t forget to include particulate masks and goggles for you.)

C. Your emergency kit that you carry with you. This is commonly called a 72 Hour Kit. Some people refer to them as a GOOD pack (“get out of Dodge”). Some call them a BOB pack (“bug out bag”). Whatever you call it; this should be a small backpack with sufficient supplies to get you home or to your shelter destination. Make copies of all important documents. Obtain certified copies where necessary. Put them in a ziplock and put a set in your kit along with a set at your survival destination. The following link has numerous articles on different people’s view on what should be in your bag. http://www.survival-center.com/dl-list/dl1-toc.htm

Remember to keep the kit light and to keep it with you. I personally do not keep food and water in my pack. I choose to keep a weeks supply of food and water in each vehicle; rotating often. I have a supplemental bag of food and water I take when I travel without a vehicle.

D. Your preparations at home or at your destination. This is an expansive amount of information. I will try to somewhat address it in the following.

Some Over-views of equipment:

Preparing for survival is not necessarily pioneering. Many people try to recreate older simpler primitive ways. If you decide to do that, that is fine; but understand preparing for what is coming is not found in a ‘Currier and Ives’ painting. For example many say store honey as it is healthier then white sugar. Bluntly, if I have a choice between a few gallons of expensive honey or a Pickup load of cheap sugar; I take the sugar. It will allow me to keep more people alive. Or, if it is a choice between an axe and a chainsaw; I’ll take the noisier one.
Take the best solution. It doesn’t matter if is High-Tech or No-Tech.

Much of the equipment and supplies are very expensive, so look for cheaper solutions. Remember many of the people out there giving advice are trying to sell you something. And most recreational equipment is not meant for continuous use. For example use your average sleeping bag everyday for a few months and it’s falling apart. Even very few expensive tents will survive through the entire winter, especially if you are moving them everyday.

A good general survival resource is an older copy available online of the standard military survival manual.

See: http://www.equipped.com/fm21-76.htm


Firstly, pray over all water and food! Put aside a supply of fresh water and a means to purify water.

Each person will need at a minimum of 2 quarts a day to sustain life. A gallon a day is more realistic for drinking, washing and cooking; although that is again very minimal.

Also remember that dried foods require clean water to prepare.

Remember each home or office has a small supply of water in its plumbing and its hot water heater. First turn off the water main outside to avoid contaminating your water system from the outside. Also turn off the power or gas heat to the water heater. Open the highest faucet in the building to let air into the system so that water can drain and use water from the lowest faucet in the building. Then when that’s empty, there will be a drain fitted with garden hose threads at the bottom of the water heater that you can use to obtain the water.

If you have advance warning, drain and flush your water heater before to insure you have the freshest water available. Also rinse and fill any bathtubs, (they usually have residual soap no matter how much you wash them) as a source for washing and toilet flushing water. The water in the toilet tank (not the bowl) is usually drinkable if it is not chemically treated (colored blue).

Also wash out your garbage can and put a couple of trash bags in it and then fill it. Also buy a little kids pool with a cover on it from the local discount store for water storage.

There are numerous ways to purify raw water. Coffee filters are handy to pre-strain the water to remove the large particles. This can lengthen the lifetime of any device used to treat water. Cloudy water can be left in containers to settle, and the clearer water on top poured off into the purification devices. Coffee filters also are handy as make-shift emergency breathing masks.

Boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes will kill most dangerous organisms within it. This doesn’t remove any particulate contamination. This does use large amounts of fuel and much water will be lost thru evaporation. After boiling pour it back and forth between clean containers to re-aerate it to improve taste.

There are water distillers available. These are basically a pan of raw water that is boiled away and the steam is captured and condensed into fresh water. This is the only way to process sea water into drinking water with the expensive filters. These are really simple and if you are clever you can make one. These have no moving parts and will last indefinitely. I once made one from an old steel pressure cooker that I removed the valve from and plumbed in with brass and copper a spiral condenser (loops of 3/8 copper) that set in another pan of cold water that condensed the steam and dripped into another container. It worked, but I have a commercial version that takes less heat and works better. It was around $150.00 a few years ago.

There are water filters available. These are of two types; either a small pump that pumps raw water thru a filter and removes anything bad, or a tank type that allows the raw water to drip thru the filter. Once used initially these usually have a limited lifetime. The dirtier the water is the quicker they are used up. Some when the filter clogs they can be cleaned for additional use. But, all filters will have a limited amount of use. I have used and had good success with Katadyne, MSR (Both Pump type) and Berkey (Tank type) filters.

There are chemicals that can be added to water to kill any bad organisms. The US military in previous years used to use chlorine based tablets within the continental US and Iodine based tablets in the rest of the world. The US now has many of the same nasty organisms as the rest of the world so the Iodine tabs are the preferred method. For example chlorine will not kill tuberculosis, but iodine does.

When using any chemicals to purify water, make sure to completely fill the containers and that the treated solution comes in contact with any threaded caps or any portion that may retain contamination. It is common for example for people to pour dirty water into a canteen and then to treat the water and then get sick from the dirty untreated threads of the canteen’s cap.
There are commercially available water purification tablets. Follow directions on the label. Most that are chlorine based have a shelve life of about two years. Some are chlorine based and some are iodine based.

Iodine cannot be safely used by anyone pregnant, breastfeeding or with thyroid problems.
The common medicine cabinet “tincture of Iodine (2%)” can be used to disinfect water by adding 12 drops per gallon of water. Stir it thoroughly. If the water is cloudy, colored or turbid double the amount of chemical added. Allow this to stand for 30 minutes before using.
Liquid bleach, such as Clorox which is a chlorine based product (5.25% sodium hydrochlorite) can be used except in the most extreme cases. Use the pure unscented type with no other cleaning agents, leaving it sealed until needed (shelf life unopened is about 16 months).

Add the 5.25% bleach using one of the below formulas:

8 drops full strength to 1 gallon of clear water.
½ teaspoon full strength to 5 gallons of clear water.
1 cup (8oz) full strength to 1000 gallons of clear water.

Stir it thoroughly. If the water is cloudy, colored or turbid double the amount of chemical added. Allow this to stand for 30 minutes before using. If there is not a clear scent of chlorine gas, then treat again and wait 30 minutes again.

Pool “Shock Treatment” or “Burn-Out” is a similar powdered Chlorine product. It must contain 65% calcium hydrochlorite with NO additional additives, clarifiers or anti-fungicides. Outside in a well ventilated area mix 10 tablespoons of this with one gallon of water to make a gallon of the above 5.25% bleach. Then use this to treat water using the above formula. Five pounds of this product will cost about $10-12 and will make 92 gallons of bleach which will then treat over 700,000 gallons of clear water or 350,000 gallons of cloudy water and it will keep longer also. Just insure that the pool product you are using is the correct chemical compound of 65% calcium hydrochlorite with NO additional additives, clarifiers or anti-fungicides

If you live in an area where there are wells; a well bailer is handy. This is a tube with a valve on its bottom end and it is lowered into the well by a line. It fills with water and is pulled up. If you have a shallow well consider an extra small 12 volt pump.

Clean tarps can be used to catch rain water. Divert your gutter drains to catch the rain.

Make a solar still.

See: http://www.desertusa.com/mag98/dec/stories/water.html

If you live in an area with many surface springs and little rock; a drive point well system is handy. You simply put the hardened head on common galvanized steel pipe and drive it into the side of a hill below weeps or springs. You keep adding more pipe until you hit water. Cap the end with a valve and hook up a hose.


Firstly, again pray over all food and water!

Put aside plenty of salt. That is unpopular with many; but the survival purpose of salt is not so much to season as it is to preserve. Believe me you will use all that you have and it is excellent barter. In the ancient world wars were fought over salt, and fortunes won and lost over it. Yesterday, I bought two 25lbs sacks of salt at Costco for less then $4.75 each.

Use a Thermos to cook dried foods while you are traveling or working.

Also relating to food the Conibear traps are excellent for trapping game. They are a trap that closes on the head or neck and instantly kills its prey. I like the 110 trap; they are about 4.5 inches square and great for rabbits, squirrels, birds and fish. The 220 trap is about 7 inches square and works great for raccoons, skunks and possums. The bigger ones will even work for deer and larger game. During the Great Depression in many areas large game was hunted to virtual extinction in a matter of months. Some people think that they could live on deer or some of the larger animals; but in situation we are expecting the small ones are what will be available.

Here are the links to two very good food planners: The Deyos Food Calculator


The LDS online Calculator


The “Oh Crap, It Has Happened Last Minute Food Plan”

1. Run out the door with all the cash you have, get in your car, and drive like mad.

2. Go to the local Oriental or Latino Market, Costco or Wal-Mart.

3. And buy all they have or use all the money you have to buy:

a. Big bags of Rice (25-50 lbs preferred)

b. Big bags of dried Beans (25-50 lbs preferred)

c. Cooking or Salad Oil (2-5 gallon jugs or boxes)

d. Big Bags of Sugar

e. Salt

f. Unscented Bleach, with NO additives

4. Take it home and make rice and beans, adding a little salt and oil to it. You can live on it, but boy are you going to get real tired of it.

5. Take a spoonful of sugar for extra energy or a treat, yum!

6. Use the bleach to treat your water.

7. Kick yourself every time you eat because it is your fault you only have rice and beans. And Praise God every time that you do eat because a least you have something to eat.
This is what I have put aside for all my relatives that refuse to prepare themselves.

Be warned that many people’s digestive systems cannot handle a diet of that much carbs.


Before modern baby formulas were developed, for newborns where the mother was unable to nurse or to find another woman to nurse them, 9 out of 10 of those babies died. And yes there are emergency baby formulas available, but either they do not supply the required nutrients, or they trigger serious allergic reactions or simply the components required to make them are harder to obtain then the baby formula itself. So if you are in a situation that you, or someone you care about is dependent on baby formula, STOCKPILE ENOUGH POWDERED FORMULA TO CARRY THE CHILD THRU TO THE POINT THEY CAN SURVIVE ON SOLID FOODS! That is both expensive and requires considerable storage space, but there is no alternative. An additional sad consideration is that during anytime of stress, many currently successful nursing mothers, may suddenly find themselves drying up. Cover all infants with much prayer!

Two words, cloth diapers, enough said!

Avoid expensive clothing and shop at thrift stores. Avoid bright colors, when available choose earth tones: browns, greens and the like. You don’t want to stand out. These colors are referred to as “CC” or “Covert Camo”. When things get bad true camouflage clothing is always outlawed. Overcoats with liners are excellent. Wool is excellent as it holds it insulation ability when wet. Many of the new fabrics and fleeces are excellent. Don’t wear clothing and shoes today till they wear out; when it’s half worn retire it for later use. Use an old trapper trick and put two shirts or pants together; one inside the other. Now sew them together around the edges leaving a few openings in the stitching. Wear it normally and in a pinch if you need extra insulation stuff paper, moss, leaves or whatever thru the openings in between the two pieces of clothing.

Personal Equipment
Carry a personal silver spoon in your pocket, for the antiseptic properties of the silver. Carry a toothbrush and use it.Years ago before modern dental hygiene; abscessed teeth were a leading cause of death. Make sure you make a provision for any personal meds.

The basic knife is the primary tool of any society. The more primitive the conditions the more important the cutting edge is. If things are real tight money wise, buy both a small and a large carbon steel butcher knife (the older dark kind that rusts) with a full tang (that means the blade goes all the way thru the handle). Check a couple a thrift stores and you should find several to choose from. While you are there pick up a sharpening steel or stone to sharpen them. Improvise some kind of sheath or even a small box to put them in.

Light and Electronics
First off standardize your batteries. Try to obtain equipment that use AA size batteries. They are cheap and easily available. Pick up some rechargeable batteries and a small solar recharger. There are different power ratings of for rechargeable AA batteries, usually 600, 750 and 900. The higher the power output the more expensive the battery. Test your equipment with the batteries you intend to use in them, as some of the lower output rechargables won’t successfully power some devices. Buy an LED flashlight. The LEDs never break or wear out (they can but don’t) and you get 10-30 times as much use on a set of batteries as a standard flashlight. I personally like the Streamlight 4AA.

Plastic tarps are cheap; get the brown if available instead of the blue. They are real handy for many things. The best emergency shelter is the “Debris Shelter”. See:

He doesn’t really show that you need to put a thick layer of soft materials down underneath you (such as moss, lichens, leaves) and you need to build it up over you. I always build them so thick that I can’t reach thru from the outside. If you build it that thick and pull a debris filled garbage bag into the opening after you as a door; you can be comfortable in shorts and a tee shirt when it is below zero outside.

In a survival situation where soap is limited, ration soap. Use it to wash injured areas only. The natural lipids your body produces will actually keep you healthier then you might think.
Drink plenty of fresh water. Force yourself to over-drink; your general health will increase.
Wear safety glasses all the time. The military has found that the most common injuries in a HSE are eye injuries. Sugar is a miracle compound when placed in wounds. Keep filling the wound, it will disinfect it and speed healing.

Obtain Potassium Permanganate from a pond supply company if possible. Highly diluted it purifies water, a stronger solution disinfects wounds and mixed with sugar will spontaneously start a fire. It is very handy stuff to have in your kit.

Vet supply and feed stores all carry many of the same drugs and supplies that people use and most are over the counter at a greatly reduced price.

Two excellent books are “Where there is no Doctor” and “Ditch Medicine”. The best self-help medical book, bar none, “Where there is no Doctor” is now available online. If I was to have only have one medical book with me, this would be it. When Stephen and I went to Africa I took my treasured dog eared copy and we used it. I strongly suggest you either purchase the actual book in print, or save the various PDF files and print yourself a copy.

“Where There Is No Doctor”


This book was written for untrained village people in remote third world areas without any professional medical care or training.

However it is also filled with brief discussions on some subjects that a believer might find objectionable, such as birth control and homosexuals. While we would consider some of these things discussed as sin, they approach them from a health issue. I just disregard those opinions of the authors. But, if I need to easily diagnose a disease and calculate the correct drug and dosage to treat it, this is the first reference I usually go to.

They have also provide an excellent book on do-it-yourself dentistry.

“Where There Is No Dentist”


Nuclear Precautions

KI4U offers an excellent resource concerning what to do prior to and during any nuclear attack or accident. I suggest strongly that you read, save and print their materials. http://www.ki4u.com/guide.pdf

“Everyone is invited to copy, post, print, and distribute this ‘WHAT TO DO IF A NUCLEAR DISASTER IS IMMINENT!’ guide anywhere, as long as they do so without charging anything for it. It must be reproduced in entirety, including this notice, and not be altered or edited. To contact the author with comments and suggestions, e-mail: Shane Connor at webmaster@ki4u.com. This guide will be continually ‘fine-tuned’ so, before distributing it, download it fresh from http://www.ki4u.com/guide.htm or to print out, use this PDF version here http://www.ki4u.com/guide.pdf Last Update: 7/16/2005”

Radioactive Iodine
During a nuclear accident or after any Nuclear blast; radioactive iodine maybe released into the air. As the human body stores iodine, it would pick up the radioactive version of iodine and concentrate it in the thyroid. Its radiation would then kill the surrounding tissue. The solution is to take normal iodine and to fill up the body up to capacity so the radioactive iodine is passed thru the body. This can be accomplished by taking Potassium Iodide Tablets. They are available commercially from many places. However another solution is to obtain 7% Tincture of Iodine from a farm supply or a feed store and dip the index finger of one hand in it up to the first joint. Leave it on and don’t wash it off. The body will absorb it thru the skin. This works with children as well, as the size of the area of the finger is proportional the required dose. Now the only downside is that in some states you now have to sign for the 7% stuff as it is precursor for some illegal drugs. You need the stronger 7% iodine not the 1% or 2%.

EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse
Nuclear and Thermonuclear detonations release a large wave of energy that destroys electronics; this is called EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse). For example, it is highly likely that two air blasts a few hundred miles apart over the Mid-Western USA at an altitude of 200 miles would fry all solid state electronic and electrical devices; such as wrist watches, phones, TV’s computers, radios within US and most of Canada & Mexico. Most electrical and communications utility systems would fail. There is some speculation whether all cars would be destroyed. All older cars and trucks with a points and condenser type ignition system will most certainly survive. To protect something that is plugged in and working is pretty hard. In a time of potential nuclear attack place all critical electronics in a Faraday Cage (which is a sealed metal box, which the contents inside are insulated from touching the sides by a nonconductor). It is speculated that a metal garbage can with a tight metal lid will work well. Just don’t let the protected items inside the can, touch the metal container itself. Simply wrap them in bubble wrap or put them in a dry cardboard box. The cans be found in various sizes and are inexpensive. I have them in my shop and store my power tools and extra electronics in them.

Also anything with any type of integrated circuit or “chip” in it will fry during any EMP type blast. So I keep a small metal type 5×7 card box by my bed and lined it with cardboard and keep my watch and LED flashlight in it overnight. Just make sure it closes tight.

Keep any electrical devices not in use in some type of Faraday Cage. I also have a old metal file cabinet that I have lined with layers of cardboard, that I keep my digital cameras, calculators and laptop in. Just remember that any gaps in the way it closes must be so tight that light would only barely show through.

By keeping everything not in use, stored in this way, and having it wrapped securely, it is also relatively protected from earthquakes. With the metal trash cans you can put in a trash bag on the top and throw in some light trash and it might even avoid casual theft. Remember to protect LED type flashlights, electric watches, digital cameras, power supply, battery rechargers, solar cells, etc. It would be terrible to protect your laptop and have the 12 volt charger fry!

With any discussion on protection against EMP; something no one usually mentions is the protection of computer media. CD’s being optical should be OK unprotected; but protect in a Faraday Cage all diskettes, data cartridges, zip disks, jazz carts, etc. Hard drives and mother boards are also very prone to damage from EMP.

I process data professionally and have had at times as many as 25 PC’s running concurrently. In the last 20 years I have had three major data failures and they have all occurred during times of high solar activity. I have always used first surge protectors and more recently uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).

A few years ago the military had a series of crashes of aircraft in a very short time period during a time of high solar activity. I heard an expert talking and what he said made sense. He said that in an aircraft for example, you may have 100,000 electronic components. Now normally when one fails it is noticed and replaced and is not a life threatening event. But there maybe 20 or so that are working now, but are very close to failing, so any energy pulse at all pushes those that are just within the specs of working to failing all at once which can be life threatening. So it may not take a major surge to cause some real damage.

If I now suspect anything might happen to the household electricity, I turn everything off and leave it off. If my power dims, I turn off all unnecessary systems and leave them off for at least four hours. This is because my experience has been here locally that if the power dims once, that most of the time it will dim again or go out totally later. Either can cause damage.

I also put front mount slide-in/slide-out type bays for all my hard drives. As I use my computers daily to have them totally protected 24/7 is impossible. But I have a couple of backup pc’s protected and in an emergency I can turnoff my main machines and pullout my hard drives out of the slide-out bays and put them in a Faraday Cage within a couple of minutes. The cage is also hidden away so that when I leave I am also protecting them from casual theft.

I have seen some people put all their computers, printers, etc in a large pickup bed type work chest and open it up, and plug them in to use them. When done they unplug and put the cord back in the chest and close the lid. They did it primarily to secure sensitive data, but it also offered great EMP protection as long as the computers were insulated from touching the metal box itself.

Incidentally, I do this because my contracts with most Financial Institutions require this. Most Fortune 500 companies and corporations know how dangerous EMP is. And they are extremely and rightfully Paranoid about it!

Sheltering in Place
Incidentally; if you are thinking of duct taping yourself into a room to avoid bio/chemical weapons you need to make a provision to bring air into the room or you can suffocate. There are numerous small fans that run on four “D’ type batteries for about 300 hours. These are usually about $20-25 each. You could improvise a simple filtered ventilation system with a couple of these fans and some dryer vent hose and a Hepa type filter. Also Coleman makes a battery powered air inflator that will accept a standard NATO type gas mask cartridge. You could then put the pump outside the room with a filter on its intake and run the output line into your shelter. I don’t know how you would change batteries or filter though.

Precious metals
Most Jewish survivors, who made it out of Europe during WWII, did it by bribing with about one ounce of Gold. Needless to say in the world, bribery works.

Barter Materials
Consider putting back some supplies for bartering (trading with other people). Essential items are excellent for barter and may be cheap now but valuable later; such as propane lighters, fishing hooks, sewing needles, rope, cord, antibiotics, salt, etc. Also things you may not use yourself but would be valuable to someone else, like cigarettes, alcohol, etc. The list is endless; whatever you can get cheap now and what will be valuable later.

One thing to seriously consider whether you currently have room to maintain a garden at the current time or not, is to store a supply of non-hybrid seeds for future use. Many vegetable seeds today are hybrid which means that each season they produce seeds, those seeds may not be capable of growing. You want obtain the older “heirloom” type seeds. Now understand that many times the amount and size of the actual vegetables produced by the “heirloom” types are considerably less and much smaller in size, so you may have to plant more to obtain the same amount of food. Obtain and store with the seeds, information of how to plant and maintain the garden. Also download information on how to glean and store seeds from the current harvest to use next year. And remember to store the seeds in a dry, cool place. Seeds may make an excellent barter item.

I don’t want say to much here as this is an individual topic that each of us must get an answer from the Lord from. Those that live by the sword, die by the sword. But, in truth a firearm is used as a tool more then a weapon. And like any other tool it can be used for good or bad.

If you feel you are to obtain firearms; may, I suggest that you stay with the standard military calibers. This will increase the availability of ammunition in a HSE. The calibers to stay with are .38/357, 9mm, .40 and .45 APC for pistols; and .223 (5.56) and .308 (7.62) for rifles. Also stay with 2 ¾ inch 12 gauge for shotguns. And don’t forget the .22LR for both pistols and rifles.

In any time of trouble guns come out of the woodwork; it is always the ammunition that is in short supply.

If you are obtaining firearms; get modern models and don’t forget to obtain spare parts for them. Ask any competent gunsmith what parts break often or get lost. Also don’t forget to get a cleaning kit and supplies.

Keep everything legal and under the protection of our Lord. Be careful here and don’t get into the flesh – (which basically means doing things outside of faith in God – for example using a firearm out of bitterness, anger and revenge, instead of making a carefully- calculated choice to protect yourself and loved ones).

One of the most useful firearms is the clip fed bolt action 22LR. It is very handy for keeping you fed and along with some traps and snares can feed quite a few people. There are many ways to suppress the sound of the 22LR (silencer) should you find yourself in a land where they are legal. I don’t want to break any laws here so simply do an internet search for “improvised suppressor” and you should find many solutions. Just remember they are all very illegal under current laws (in the U.S., probably more-so in Canada).

Another point here; if you examine the rural newspapers of the Great Depression you will find many references to packs of wild dogs threatening both man and beast. It seems many people turned their beloved dogs loose when they didn’t have food to feed them. Also natural disasters and war often free many dogs who then pack and attack to survive. Most of the really dangerous packs have used a single small pretty female dog to come up to the victim (human) and while it is befriending the victim the others attack from behind. Sorry, animal lovers, most experts agree that if things get bad, shoot any strays.

Making a ‘Hide’

If you stay where you are, and you have some property or area around your house; it maybe wise to hide all your food, supplies, tools, etc. somewhere where no one will find it. If you put all your supplies under your house in the crawl space, for example, (or bury them somewhere nearby) you could then move away from the house and dig a “hide” to watch your home from. Then if anyone comes for a bad reason they could take the TV or stereo, but would probably not find your food, clothes, or tools you have hidden. Even if you had to move around your local area the “looters” probably would not search hard enough to find your important hidden stuff.

Now what exactly is a “hide”? Well it is a fancy name for a big hole you dig for you to hide in. Make sure the dirt you remove is carefully hidden elsewhere or used to cover the top up. It is always best to position a hide within a tree line or among brush. If you make part of it deep enough to stand in, and part of it to sleep in, they are very comfortable. The idea here is that if you are in the house with your family you are going to be up all night and all day worried someone is going to sneak up on you. With the over watching hide, you get some rest! And if a large group comes up to your home, you safely watch them loot your non-valuables from a distance.

Now this is Very Important

SERIOUS SPIRITUAL ADVICE: Remember that when God judged Israel He referred to the conquering armies as “HIS ARMIES”. So when America (maybe Canada too) comes under judgment by Foreign Armies coming into the land; they will most likely be GOD’S ARMIES exercising HIS JUDGMENT (this is because both countries were founded on Christian principles and it was proclaimed that they would serve God through Christ, but then our societies over the generations have turned away from those principles, refusing to live the Christian life or live by Biblical teaching – for example by removing prayer from school classrooms, insisting on being open to other faiths to the point of allowing them higher priority than Christianity, and for allowing things like abortion – killing millions of babies who would have been the next generation of Canadians, etc.; also for the greed, apathy and complacency in many North Americans who are eager to get rich and acquire many material goods, ‘way more than we need, while most of the rest of the world goes hungry and lives in destitution, praying to God for justice, and plotting to ‘even the score’).

Do not raise your hand against any conquering armies (on the other hand if it is not conquering armies, but local bullies and criminals, you may need to defend yourself and your loved ones – pray for wisdom from God first, AND skill to know what to do). EITHER WAY WHEN YOU ARE ATTACKED OR OVERTAKEN, INSIST ON LIVING BY CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES (for example in Romans 12 (re how to deal with enemies) and Matthew 6:24-33 – ONE DAY AT A TIME!! (every time you’re worried about something put it into one of two categories – TODAY, and EVERYTHING ELSE. If it doesn’t fit into the ‘today’ category, train yourself to forget about it – think of it as a game, or an ‘art-form’, because tomorrow doesn’t even exist yet and when it comes, THEN you will know. If it falls in the ‘today’ category, then FIRST AND FOREMOST get on your knees and pray for wisdom from God about how to handle it. Then with His guidance do what you think is best and He will be with you, ready for tomorrow.

Now if you are called to combat against any conquering armies by the leaders of the USA or Canada, the leaders of our governments have the scriptural right to do that (read Romans 13). If you feel led to serve, then serve fully while seeking the protection of the Most High God – pray without ceasing for God to be with you as you do, to give you a sound mind, to contend with those who contend with you and save your children, OR if you are not feeling led to serve, then pray for God to deliver you from having to do so.



Past Experience Speaks

The following website has some excellent notes on disasters that an individual who helped refugees from Hurricane Katrina put together. http://www.frfrogspad.com/disastr.htm

A Change in Thinking

So to most people, preparing is about making a list of things to get. But, in reality it is much more than that, it is a change in one’s thinking. So what are these changes?

1. In short: “Be wise as serpents, gentle as doves” (Matthew 10:16). Pray and understand what it means! (Basically, it doesn’t mean TO BE crafty & deceptive as a serpent–like in the Garden of Eden, but to BE AS WISE as a serpent and UNDERSTAND its ways while at the same time being innocent yourself, child-like in faith and gentle as a dove, KNOWING that God’s got you covered. Sometimes you must be aware of evil in others while staying innocent yourself).

2. Learn to ration expendable supplies. Don’t waste anything. Learn to use less. Use two nails in that board when three are not required. Use half the toothpaste, then it will go twice as far. Learn how to stretch things, such as putting a little oatmeal into the hamburger.

3. Learn to recycle, learn to reuse things. I am not talking of returning soda bottles or gathering newspapers. In fact those 2 liter screw top bottles make good water bottles and I save my newspapers to start my woodstove. I recently replaced the outside clothesline. I saved the old line as there has been a time or two that I would have paid you big money for a little piece of it. An old reused straightened nail is priceless if you need one and don’t have it.

4. Learn to improvise. Learn to use new tools. Learn to use obsolete tools. Learn to use no tools. A bomber crew during WWII crashed into the tundra in Greenland. They were unable to start a fire until they all gathered the lint from their navels to use as tinder.

5. Turn up your discernment that God has given you. (Discernment is your ‘gut instinct’, an internal force that makes you ‘know’ something’s right or wrong without understanding how you know– that’s GOD– hello!! Works best when combined with love because God is love) Always be watching for dangerous situations and people. Exercise it and ask the Lord to increase it. Defensive driving is avoiding that car that is coming towards you and driving funny. Learn to exercise defensive walking, defensive living; literally thinking defensively in everything you do, as in being watchful and careful NOT FEARFUL, but in faith, and always listening to your inner voice (which is actually God’s Spirit inside you). Watch those young men walking down the street towards you – don’t act afraid, but be aware and ready for something. Be aware of what is around you.

6. Ask yourself ‘what if?’ but be careful not to become all full of fear over it. The ‘what-ifs’ should be balanced–both negative and positive. For example: ‘if I park my car under that tree, will it fall on it during an earthquake?’ or ‘If I’m on the 15th floor of this building how will I get out in an emergency?’ balanced with ‘If I share my food with Mr. Hungryperson, would it be a place I could stay overnight sometime if I need to?’ or ‘if I get bold enough to pray with other people who are scared and confused, instead of staying away from everyone, what could happenn?’ (Think, speak and believe – Mark 10:27 – “All things are possible with God.”)

6. Avoid accidents and problems. Wear protective gear. The military try to always wear eye protection as the most common injury in any “combat” situation is an eye injury. Develop that type of attitude. Guard against sunburn and frostbite. Be careful with that axe and knife. Go to extremes to protect yourself as any minor injury in civilization, can be a major one in the wilderness of the coming times.

7. Learn as many new skills as possible. Any chance you get to learn something new, take it! What you learn and do today, tomorrow will qualify or disqualify you for something else. Set it upon your heart to be constantly learning.The more skills you have, the more ‘useful’ in a situation you become.

8. Make an effort to better your position every day. The other day at the dollar store I bought a bag of rubber bands, 3 cans of lighter fluid,3 can of butane fuel and 2 packages of fly ribbons. I also ordered via the internet a replacement bulb for my blood pressure cuff. I am better off today than I was yesterday. And today I press closer to my Lord then I was yesterday.

9. Practice, rehearse and test everything. If you buy a tent, pitch it and sleep in it a night. How else are you going to know the zipper was broken? Try those rechargeable batteries in that LED flashlight to learn they do not have enough power to light it.

10. Standardize wherever possible and get spare parts for everything!. Try to obtain everything with the same size batteries, the same caliber of shell, the same size fittings, the same motors, the same and the same! Get extra parts for your cooking stove, extra filters for your water filters. Extra, extra and more extra! How many of us have commonly needed spares parts for any weapon we have?

11. Gather items and materials that relate to any skills you have. Make yourself more valuable. If you have a medical background then gather those supplies you would need to practice it. Be you are a tailor, cook, gardener, carpenter, nurse, teacher or whatever; gather materials and items you need to do your job. I know a master chef and he would be very valuable as is, but him with spices and flavorings, Wow! I know another who is an electrical engineer and also a master machinist. His prep is made up of all his electrical test and repair equipment, along with a small portable machine shop. Add value to yourself by enhancing your attributes! Be prepared to pull your own weight.

12. Get musical- Learn to play an instrument or two (that doesn’t use electricity). Collect musical stuff –a harmonica, flute, lap-harp(-a divine instrument!), larger ones if space isn’t a problem – acoustic guitar, drums, violin; also printed songsheets, old hymnbooks, etc. There is great power in music/singing when it comes to dealing with hard times– sometimes the ONLY way when troubles overwhelm. (Where do you think the BLUES music came from?)

The most important time to play/sing praises to God is when you don’t feel like it. The Bible says “He inhabits the praises of His people” (Psalm 22:3 King James Version). Think of musical instruments as musical weapons in the spiritual battle of life, to deliver us from fear to faith – a little secret David knew to take him through his trials. He wrote many psalms, singing to God who then drew close to him and protected him. Pour out your troubles to God in your very own blues songs. Also, music is a way to ‘soothe’ our enemies and gain their trust (1 Sam. 16:14-23, but watch out for jealousy – 1 Sam.18:8-11). It may even bring about peace and REVIVAL (pray for all who listen to come to Christ, only God knows what’s possible).

13. Learn to be small and un-noticed. In a land without people, the house with smoke coming out of its chimney gets attention. In a land without power, the house with lights in the windows gets attention. In a land that is quiet, a generator running, or a shot fired, gets attention. In a land in famine, the well-fed person gets attention. In a lawless land the well-kept, beautiful woman gets lots of attention. And ATTENTION USUALLY BRINGS TROUBLE. Remember “God opposes the proud but He gives grace to the humble” (Proverbs 3:34). Stay humble and ‘live to serve’, not oppress.

15. Understand that you must be where God has called you to be. God is not calling you to be safe, He is calling you to be obedient. That means, He may call you to move or he may call you to stay. DO WHAT HE SAYS. Obedience rather than sacrifice! Seek Him above all else! The Lord is a High Tower;the righteous run to Him and are safe. Know that in the end you are secure in Christ because of who He is; not because of the preparations you have made. Jesus said “My sheep know My voice… I give them eternal life, they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of My hand” (Jn 10:27). He said “Be content with what you have because I will never leave you or forsake you” (Heb. 13:5). Romans 8:37-39 says NOTHING can separate us from Him not even death or life, or demons or angels, or anything in all creation. You belong to Him, so stay close to Him in prayer, Bible study, and just generally being who He created you to be, living a life of love, knowing you are DEEPLY loved! You are His TREASURES!!!