Survival Skills

(c) 2021

Included in the pages to follow is advice on how to prepare to survive the worst case scenarios related to war, famine, natural disasters and more. Jesus likened the trials that are coming in this world to labour pains. As any new mother knows, it doesn’t matter how much we want them to stop when we’ve had enough. They continue to get more intense until the new life is finally here.

So we expect the trials of this world to become more challenging as God’s Kingdom finally emerges from within us. Things which we normally take for granted – like clean drinking water, heat or electric power for our homes – may be not so readily available at certain times. Supplies we usually assume are well stocked in local stores, may become unavailable. Our financial systems may be so greatly challenged that we might need to resort to bartering instead of buying and selling. Growing our own food could be the best option to feed our families.

Now’s the time to take such things into consideration while we still can. Check out the following pages for more details on how to be prepared for the worst as well as the best because the end result will be the fullness of the Kingdom of God on earth as He is in heaven.