– Ask The Questions!

Before injecting any foreign substance into your body, make sure you know what it is. How do you know it’s a genuine vaccine to protect you from an illness and not some kind of poisonous substance? Are you sick and feel you’ve done enough research about it that you believe this will contribute to better health? Are you not sick but feeling coerced into taking it anyway without really knowing what it’s all about? It’s extremely important to ask questions before you agree, not after, because the results could be permanently damaging.

In this current situation with a global pandemic being declared, the questions that need to be answered are going unanswered which gives a growing number of people reason to think there’s something entirely different happening. The truth is not easily found but it’s still critically important, especially for parents who want to be vigilant in doing what is right for their children. The fact is that much of this information is being censored so that it’s not readily available to the public, while a massive campaign is underway to promote a lot of misinformation which can easily be dis-proven for people who genuinely want to know.

Of pivotal importance is the difference between two words: ‘APPROVED’ and ‘AUTHORIZED.’ A genuine vaccine that is ready for human consumption must be APPROVED by the Food and Drug Administration (in USA) after having successfully gone through all kinds of animals trials to prove that it works, followed by trials on a small segment of the population to make sure it works the same way for people.

That’s not the same as being AUTHORIZED which means, in this current situation, that they are being permitted for use even though they have not passed those safety trials. Because of an emergency use clause which is part of the declared pandemic, on the condition that there are no other effective treatments available, the current ‘vaccines’ have been AUTHORIZED to be used just as they are without every having been APPROVED. It’s the difference between night and day.

As information becomes available about the growing number of serious adverse reactions, by now the vaccination program should have been brought to a grinding halt. Websites like the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System show there have been hundreds of thousands, including everything from minor symptoms to heart attack, stroke, paralysis, blood clots, miscarriages, and deaths.

Below is a list of questions that anyone giving out these experimental injections should be able to answer. Before ever considering taking one, or allowing your children to take one, please make sure you have all the answers to these questions:

1. Do you have a list of potential adverse impacts from taking these vaccines? Note: the list covering severe side effects was publicly available from the FDA on 22nd October, 2020. Every health authority has a detailed and updated copy of that list.

2. What are the risks/benefits and alternatives available to me (i.e. treatments or natural immunity confirmed through antibody testing)?

3. Do these vaccines stop me from catching COVID19 or its variants or giving it to someone else?

4. Do these vaccines remove the risk of hospitalization or death from COVID19 or its variants?

5. What are the long-term impacts of taking these vaccines?

6. What if I take one vaccine and because of side-effects/new government guidelines/vaccine availability, subsequent vaccines are not from the same manufacturer? Does that change any of the above?

7. How do these vaccines interact with each other and other vaccines/drugs – in both the short and long term?

8. Will I only need to receive two shots or multiple booster shots as has been proposed by governments worldwide?

9. What happens if I am vaccine injured?

10. How many people have been vaccine injured in this province/state/country?

11. What is the process for reporting a vaccine injury?

12. What are the implications if I won’t take the vaccine?

13. What are the implications if I can’t take the vaccine?

14. What is the overall risk that I will catch, be hospitalized and die from COVID19/its variants compared with the potential risk of injury/death from these vaccines? 

15. What is the normal expected target for vaccination for ILI’s in the population?

16. Have we already exceeded that target in the current vaccination program in this province/state/country?

17. Is there any benefit or detriment to you or your practice if I do or do not get this vaccine? 

18. Has anyone else that you have seen refused to take the vaccine?

19. Are you aware, directly or indirectly, of any side effects from these vaccines?

20. What changes in all the above questions if I have already had and recovered from COVID19/its variants?

21. What is the difference between an Adenovirus Chimpanzee Vector vaccine, an mRNA vaccine and a traditional vaccine?

22. What do you understand is meant by Informed Consent?