Current Issues

This section of the site is intended to address issues of global importance from the perspective of the Kingdom of God using the Holy Bible as the standard of truth. In different situations, what seem to be the right choices from this world’s point of view are not necessarily right in the face of God’s Kingdom manifesting on earth as He is in heaven. We take a Biblical world view and take into consideration what is being said by those with spiritual gifts of prophecy, discernment and more. We pray for God to give us revelation on which the true Church is established, then stand on His revealed will as we understand it to share opinion on different matters.

Especially important is the fact that the realm of politics is often rife with deception, greed and fraud. We believe that the political arena is in direct conflict with the Kingdom of God because it is often about people vying for strategic positions of power for their own personal reasons, even if they profess to do so for the good of the public. The influence of money plays a much more prominent role in politics than it should in the Kingdom of God. Jesus taught that we can’t serve both God and money (Matthew 6:24). He said “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s” (Matthew 22:21).

The things of God’s Kingdom don’t depend on what is happening with money or politics but often provide solutions that work in the face of politics gone wrong. As the nations are thrown into increasing turmoil it’s almost impossible not to become frustrated and angry at crooked politicians or religious leaders who don’t appear to be willing to walk in sacrificial love for others. The life of the Kingdom of God at work in individual hearts empowers believers to rise up in faith, to function in such a high degree of love that it flushes out all fear, and to overcome all evil by blessing the people involved with prayers for repentance and redemption.It turns the fear and frustration into hope that produces real results where the political and religious realms fall short.

We seek to represent the viewpoint of God’s Kingdom which promotes His love for all of humanity and His goal of redeeming as many lives as possible from eternity without Him. Therefore the preservation of the current systems of this world are not the highest priority but in the midst of chaos surrounding modern politics we witness how God Himself is bringing to bear a kind of eternal peace, law and order from His Kingdom on earth as He is in heaven. And we seek to exalt above all else, His Name and His Word (Psalm 138:2).

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