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This site arises from a ministry on Canada’s east coast, in the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It originates from a Spirit-led Church established on the basis of Isaiah 54 which speaks of the Glory of Zion. It’s one of the results of a nation-wide body of believers coming out of a wayward church system in Canada that actually promotes sexual immorality in the clergy, to raise a standard of holiness in Canada’s body of Christ.

The author of this site spent twenty years learning to follow Jesus the way of the cross to find victory over the evil one in her own life. Then He used her to stand in the gap for a triumphant Church that defends His sovereign plans for Israel and the Jewish people the essence of the Glory of Zion as described in Isaiah 54.

The author shares wisdom, revelation and overcoming testimony about it to raise awareness that the fullness of the Kingdom is already here, in Canada. She testifies in her books and writings of how the current chaos and darkness now sweeping across our nation is merely the aftermath of a victory already won on Canadian soil for the Kingdom of God, to be sustained for eternity. Details are found in a book soon to be available entitled “All Of Creation Awaits.”

The true Church – those who worship in Spirit and in truth – is entering a harvest time like no other when the Kingdom sons arise and the sons of the evil one are fully exposed. It comes down to willingly taking a posture of humility before Almighty God, annd letting God be God, or exercising a lust for personal power and advancement regardless of the impact on anyone else. It’s about the final harvest between the wheat and the weeds as described in Matthew 13:24-30.

In this parable, a farmer went out to sow seeds for wheat in his field. Then through the night an enemy came behind him and sowed seeds for weeds. When both sprouted at the same time a farm hand asked the owner, ‘should we go and pull up the weeds?’ The answer was ‘No, because you might uproot the wheat as well. But let both grow to maturity first. Then pull out the weeds and thrown them into the fire.’

This aptly describes the current climate of the Kingdom of God now manifesting in Canada. There are sons of the Kingdom coming forth, as symbolized by the wheat, but also sons of the evil one having their last stand before they meet their final fate. To look at the nations from a political standpoint is to see a very bleak picture, especially if we focus mainly on financial issues. There we’ll see the devil’s playground as he uses the financial realms to steal, kill and destroy. But the One who came so we can have life to the full, is not prevented from leading us fully into His Kingdom. Such challenges are merely labour pains for new life to come, and which is already here before the enemy can do his worst.

On June 16, 1996 the author attended a prayer ministry session at the Truro Vineyard Church in Nova Scotia. There she received from God a mind-boggling vision of an open heaven in which His right arm was fully extended across an azure blue sky. From His right hand He was dispensing the blessings of His righteousness on the land. Below was an outdoor environment and a huge field of green grass. Then slowly His forearm began to pull back. He continued to withdraw His right arm until it was fully retracted. What had come from His right hand, was withdrawn.

Twelve years later, after enduring many extremely fiery trials to learn to follow Jesus the way of the cross, He led her to pray according to Jeremiah 6:16: “Ask for the ancient paths. Ask where the good way is and walk in it and you will find rest for your souls.” Within two weeks she was given a free air ticket to travel to England where she was asked to accompany someone else. She caught a flight from Halifax, Nova Scotia after which she spent two weeks in the Somerset County of England.

There she communed with the Lord outdoors in the lush green fields filled with sheep. Perched in a spot high up in the Mendip Hills she watched gorgeous sunrises and dancing colours on the heavy mists rising up from a land full of natural wells. She learned the history of the area in which some of the first century apostles who had been with Christ, then fled persecution to live in this area and establish some of the very first Christian churches. The gospel arising from Jerusalem was brought to England mere decades after the death and resurrection of the Lord where it took root and flourished centuries before the religious form of Christianity developed that we recognize today. These were ancient paths born of Jewish roots that would eventually lead full circle to the coming Kingdom of God.

More importantly, she heard from the Lord that the final battle for the nations belong to the Church and it is already won. It will not be fought like wars in the past but those were merely labour pains for a much greater victory now upon us in the form of Kingdom sons for whom all of creation awaits. He showed her to look back on all the fiery trials He had led her through so she could see how He was giving her His revelation to articulate this victory and bring it home to the free Judeo-Christian world; all for His glory alone.

Eight years later, back in Nova Scotia, she received from the Lord another open vision of His right arm in 2016. This time she was like a child seated on her heavenly Daddy’s lap and felt the strength of His right arm as it leaned into hers. She saw before her the entire continent of North America appearing as one huge field of lush green grass. He reached His right hand all the way down to the southern tip of the USA and then slowly move all the way north up to the Canadian Arctic, cutting all the grass as it went. Then she heard the voice of the Lord say “All men are like grass and their glory like the flowers of the field. The grass withers and the flowers fade but the Word of the Lord stands forever.”

Following this came the US election of 2016. The voices of prophets in the USA and elsewhere spoke of the new president as God’s ‘Cyrus’ put in place for such a time as this. It was a time of humbling for Kingdom sons in Canada where an election the previous year saw the end of the term in office for Prime Minister who had stood in the gap for Israel and the Jewish people. the parable of the wheat and the weeds was about to play out. All the attention was then on the US administration while the Kingdom manifesting in Canada means the true Church is being raised up to stand primarily for the Jewish nation as part of redeeming Canada as well.

All of creation is waiting for what comes next when all men prove to be like grass and their glory like the flowers of the field. Kingdom sons are born for such a time as this; largely a result of rejecting the influence of money and politics entirely to embrace the way of the cross on a personal basis. It calls for abject humility in the face of Almighty God, complete surrender to His sovereign will, enduring many hardships and trials to exalt His Name and His Word above all else, and then an invincible courage born of the kind of love that only comes from a personal taste of the cross.

This exposes duplicitous motives of some who think of themselves as ‘the elect’ of God but in fact, behave as if they are ‘the elite.’ The truly elect have been chosen to share in the suffering of Christ to also share in His glory (Romans 8:17). They are spiritually circumcised to be rendered as new covenant Jews in the eyes of God (Romans 2:28-29). They find a pearl of great price in their relationships with the Father, by taking up the cross to walk as Jesus did. This, while the deceitfulness of wealth in other ministries, where the leaders rebuke all signs of suffering and hardship, means the Word of God gets choked out of peoples’ hearts so it is unable to bear fruit (Matthew 13:22).

Jesus said “Greater love has no one than this: that he lay down his life for his friends.” To follow Him the way of the cross is to experience the sheer majesty of His love for all His creation. It’s to find our way into His authority over all of heaven and earth in a manner that empowers us to use it for His glory, not our own. It’s to avoid many pitfalls of the deceitfulness of wealth now creating a toxic mix of the true gospel and false doctrine that keeps a select few at the top of pyramid business schemes disguised as ministries. And it’s to be ready to lift high the banners of His love and holiness when the things of this world prove to be unable to stand in the face of His coming Kingdom.

This is the Canadian victory, already here, undefeated against the gates of hades. Follow the sheeptracks to find the good shepherd who lays down His life for the sheep. He said He came only for the lost sheep of Israel. This site seeks to share wisdom, revelation and testimony about how that’s done.

Please consider supporting the site by purchasing one of the books soon to be published and sharing the good news. Meanwhile feel free to copy and share the articles on this site, only in their entirely and with copyright notation included.